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The Devil Within: Satgat

The Ebon Sting, a foreboding black tower of unknown origin, arrived mysteriously and altered the formerly tranquil world forever. At first, the Crimson Oil that seeped from the tower seemed to bring prosperity, but soon after, demonic entities appeared and over half of the population began to display unusual symptoms. The remaining citizens recognized that the Ebon Sting was responsible for the abnormalities and turned to General Hong Sang and Royal Guard Kim Rip, who embarked on a mission to eliminate the source at the tower's core.

Through Kim Rip’s journey, players will unlock the secrets of the Ebon Sting, cleanse the world of its’ decay, and become the warrior they were destined to be.

Features and Game Design


The fate of the world rests on your shoulders as you face off against hordes of malevolent demons. Wield your sword and hone your marksmanship skills as you upgrade them on your perilous journey. Strengthen yourself and master an array of advanced offensive, defensive, and mobility abilities to vanquish the powerful adversaries and rescue the shattered world.


As you advance through the game, a somber revelation dawns upon you: to defeat the devils, you must embrace the darkness within yourself. With each Arch Devil you vanquish, their nefarious power transfers to you. Venture deeper into uncharted territories to uncover clues that will aid you in mastering your increasingly devilized form.


The enigmatic Ebon Sting tower has brought about a profound transformation in the world. Traverse a mystifying realm teeming with concealed sites and potent relics. Exercise caution in your search for knowledge, as some secrets may prove fatal.


Embark on an epic journey through a meticulously interwoven world, comprising a varied landscape that includes desolate cities, rugged peaks, dense forests, military complexes, and other locales. Certain routes may be obstructed until you have honed your skills and gained the necessary strength. Slay formidable adversaries to survive in this perilous world. Thoroughly scour each location to uncover enhancements and skills that will empower you for the daunting trials that await.

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Characters of
The Devil Within: Satgat

Kim Rip-4.png

Kim Rip

Royal Guard

A master swordsman and an exceptional marksman, Kim Rip seeks to vanquish the evils of the world and uncover the truth behind the Ebon Sting.

Hong Sang.jpg

Hong Sang

Grand General

Hong Sang journeys with Kim Rip to destroy the heart of the Ebon Sting. However, things take a turn for the worse and Kim Rip finds himself at odds with his former colleague.

Lee Chung1.png

Lee Choong

Mercenary Captain

Lee Choong, mercenary captain of the Black Crows, is a formidable fighter that can devastate his opponents. Kim Rip finds that if he wants to uncover the truths of the world, he will have to go through Lee Choong.

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