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The Devil Within: Satgat is Coming to Early Access April 9, 2024

Hey everyone!

Yep, The Devil Within: Satgat is coming to Early Access on April 9th, 2024!

We are extremely proud of how far The Devil Within: Satgat has come. Since the first demo, the community has given such positive feedback and constructive criticism, whether that be on online channels or in-person at gaming events. We decided to go into Early Access because:

  • We want you guys to be able to play as soon as possible

  • We also know that continued community involvement is vital to making The Devil Within: Satgat the best that it can possibly be

Early Access will be a great start for players to begin their journey. The initial release will include:

  • 3 massive stages, all with unique enemies and bosses.

  • An arsenal of skills for you to learn and weave into your combat.

  • A variety of unlockables for you to find and use, ranging from weapons, costumes, and more.

During the Early Access period, the game will continue to be updated with new stages, balance fixes, and more.

We are excited to show off the latest that The Devil Within: Satgat has to offer, so stay tuned for more news and sneak peaks into the game on our official channels:


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