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Dev Log #4 - Gamescom, MIX, Indiecraft, and more

Summary: The Month of August and Beyond!

Dev Log 4 is now here! Since the last dev log, Newcore Games attended Devcom and Gamescom in Germany, bringing the boss demo of 'The Devil Within: Satgat' to even more people! Right after Gamescom came our newest Developer Update Trailer, where we showcased what improvements we are in the process of introducing to the game. We also nabbed 1st place at the Indiecraft awards in South Korea, which is a huge honor for us! What a wild few weeks!

Want to learn more? Read on!


Newcore Games attended Devcom in Cologne (Köln), Germany as an exhibitor. At Devcom, we were part of the Indie showcase and had attendees check out our game and chat about gaming as a whole. Similar to a lot of indie game showcases, studios need to apply and make a strong case to be selected. Thank you to the Devcom team for not only selecting us to attend, but also making the whole event such a pleasant experience.

Thank you to everyone who swung by and had a conversation!

While we did show off the boss demo (as we do at most gaming conventions we attend), this was a little different in that a lot of students came out to talk about both gaming and the gaming industry. This was a lot of fun - not just because we get to talk about something we have so much experience in, but to see a whole generation of future game developers/artists that are so eager to make an imprint on this industry is wildly fascinating. To all of you who asked questions to us, thank you!

While our team was fielding questions at the booth and talking with the other indie developers (check them out here, they are so awesome), our Communications Manager/Business Developer Rob went on the Devcom stream to talk about the game and the background of Newcore Games. If you are interested in checking out the stream, you can catch the VOD on Devcom's twitch here! We are not sure how long the VOD will remain up there, but do check out everyone who was on the stream!


Right after Devcom ended, Newcore Games was busy setting up for Gamescom, one of the largest gaming events in the world. Our game was presented at the Indie Arena Booth section as well as the Korean Pavilion!

Check out the cool art!

At the Indie Arena Booth, we had an arcade-styled booth with fantastic art created by our art team! We realized that with the Boss Demo, players felt like it was a true arcade experience, comparing it to games that they grew up with. This was a huge compliment for us, so thank you to everyone who enjoyed the boss demo!

With everyone taking their shot at Lee Choong, we had a lot of fun seeing how players approach the boss fight. During Gamescom, we had the most clears of the boss demo than any other event or gaming convention that we have been too.

We also had players coming back for more, taking on challenges that Rob had done. Here are a few that people had tried and completed:

ㄴ no potions

ㄴ no weak attack

ㄴ no left/right movement (unless you use a skill)

If anyone reading has some good challenges to try out, let us know!

The MIX Showcase Next 2023

We were granted the opportunity to present our latest developer update trailer at the MIX Showcase Next 2023! If you haven't gotten a chance to check it out yet, please do! We took in a lot of feedback from our growing community and we cannot wait for everyone to check it all out!


In Pangyo, South Korea, the awards for Indiecraft were announced and The Devil Within: Satgat took home first place! To gain recognition by leaders of the industry in South Korea is always something that we are excited about, so thank you to all of the judges and all of you players who made some noise for us!

All of the pictures we took were really dark, so we made this image!

If you are interested in This Is Games' Korean coverage of our game, you can check it out here:

Going Forward

With Devcom, Gamescom, the MIX, and Indiecraft out of the way, you would imagine that we would have time to rest. That being said, we have a lot of things coming up in the next few months, starting with our participation in the Tokyo Game Show 2023, exciting updates to the game, and more! Stay tuned for more announcements, try out the demo and wishlist the game here:

You can also join our Discord, check out our Twitter / Facebook / YouTube!



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