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Dev Log #2 - Steam Next Fest and Indiecraft

Summary: Indiecraft and Steam Next Fest Recap!

Welcome to the second edition of Newcore Games' developer log! Since the last dev log, Newcore Games has participated in a few other events, like Indiecraft in South Korea and in Steam Next Fest, and is scheduled to participate in more! Netting 2nd place at South Korea's Indiecraft and landing near the top of Steam's Next Fest platformers were huge accomplishments for us at Newcore Games!

Want to learn more? Read on!


Newcore Games entered 'The Devil Within: Satgat' into the Indiecraft competition held in Seongnam, South Korea. This competition aims to find indie games that have been developed in South Korea and see which games have the most interesting themes, mechanics, and more.

Lee Choong is an aggressive fighter - time your attacks to take him down!

An offline event showcase for Indiecraft was held, where indie game enthusiasts would be able to play the games that participated. Much like PlayX4, the build the players were able to try out was the Lee Choong Boss Battle Demo. This boss fight was challenging for players, but overall they enjoyed it and the difficulty of the demo!

Not only did the players enjoy the game, but we found that the judges liked 'The Devil Within: Satgat' as the game was able to take home 2nd place at Indiecraft! Newcore Games was honored to have been able to participate in the competition and be recognized amongst some great and novel games that we are sure will be loved by players.

If you are interested in some of the Korean interviews that we had about the game, you are welcome to check them out here:

Prepping for Steam Next Fest

With Indiecraft done with, Newcore Games was getting ready to launch a full demo version of 'The Devil Within: Satgat.' We announced that a new demo will be available during Steam Next Fest, which included cutscenes, a tutorial stage that sets the stage for the story and gets players used to the mechanics, and then all of stage 1 that includes the Lee Choong boss battle.

Our Steam Next Fest announcement!

The month of June was broken down into different segments of exposure. The 2 weeks were dedicated to press/media previews, then from June 19th onwards was when the public were able to try out the demo.

The first two weeks were a whirlwind. With media outlets reviewing our game, PlayStation and IGN posting our new cinematic trailer, and influencers playing the full demo for the first time - we experienced a huge uptick in people noticing 'The Devil Within: Satgat.' Suddenly, just typing in 'Satgat' would lead players to the game on Steam, which is a huge development! Thank you to everyone who helped bring 'The Devil Within: Satgat' to the forefront as well as providing your feedback!

When Steam Next Fest started, the public were able to get their hands on the demo and give it a try themselves. A lot of the reviews that we got during the first few days were great: there was a lot of information on things that we can improve, things that players liked and disliked, and more. With this, we decided to try and fix some of the big issues that players brought to our attention!

However, this fix unfortunately caused an unrelated issue, where in certain circumstances the game would indefinitely load. Players let us know right away, which we genuinely appreciated. Luckily, the team was able to have that fixed in the update of the next day.

Overall, the reception of the game was great and the feedback that we have gathered is going to help us polish the game even more. There were pain points that we expected, but also learned more about how a wider range of players approach games like ours. There is still more to improve, so we will continue to gather feedback on the demo! Please do send whatever ideas or suggestions that you may have after playing!

Steam Next Fest is such a great outlet for games to really present themselves to the public, a public that genuinely wants to try new and interesting games. Thank you to everyone who gave the demo a try!

Going Forward

The month of June allowed our studio to learn a lot of different things that are going to help us improve as we go forward. We gained more experience in running an offline event (stay tuned for more information as to where 'The Devil Within: Satgat' may show up!) and gained valuable insights in digital exposure through Next Fest. We also established our Discord, Steam, and Social Media communities/communication channels.

We have a lot more planned in the coming months, so from us at Newcore Games, thank you for your continued interest. If you haven't already, try out the demo and wishlist the game here:

You can also join our Discord, check out our Twitter / Facebook / YouTube!



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