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Dev Log #1: PlayX4 in Korea!

Welcome to the very first edition of Newcore Games' developer log! Here, we are going to jot down the things that we have been up to, share what we learned and are working on, and overall keep active communication (in prose format)! Most of these blogs will have a summary at the top, followed by as much detail as we can give out! We hope you enjoy a look behind the scenes of Newcore Games.

Without further ado, onto the first dev log!


Summary: Attending PlayX4 in Ilsan, South Korea

Newcore Games attended PlayX4, held in South Korea from May 11th to the 14th! A great deal of fun was had and a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who came to visit our booth (if you want to see some cool photos, keep reading on)! Newcore Games also had a fantastic showing at the Gyeonggi Game Awards, earning 1st place! We prepared a lot going into PlayX4, so we hope all of you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Beautifully designed pamphlets for people to take home (and to wishlist the game!)

Want to know the full story? Read on!

Preparations for PlayX4!

We at Newcore Games wanted to make sure we prepared everything we needed for PlayX4. Attending a game convention like PlayX4 is a tremendous honor for developers in South Korea. Not only do gamers come to check out the newest games on the block, but we as developers get to interact with other developers.

Testing the build before everyone gets in

Our developers worked on preparing a build of the game that can be enjoyed by everyone, so a lot of the Newcore Games team were play-testing as much as possible (at the start of each day of PlayX4 as well) to make sure it was ready to go!

Booth ready!

When we arrived in Ilsan, the team immediately began to prepare the booth so that we know everything is in working order. Anyone in any field who has had to do public demonstrations knows that anything can go wrong, so you need to double check everything.

The Fans

We as a team prepared so much for PlayX4, but it's always humbling to see so many gamers come out, try your game, and leave with a smile. To see so many of you come out and spend the time with us meant the world to us!

Keenly watching someone take on Lee Choong!

The build that we prepared was a boss demo where you take on Lee Choong, the mercenary captain who Kim Rip finds himself at odds with. The fight is not easy, but with some patience and timing of your dashes/evasion/parries, Lee Choong can be defeated. While over 1000 players stepped up to the challenge, only 40 players were able to defeat Lee Choong! Congrats to all of the players who took down Lee Choong and thank you for trying out the game!

Some of the players who defeated Lee Choong at PlayX4!

Gyeonggi Game Audition

The 경기게임오디션 (Gyeonggi Game Audition) is a staple in the indie game industry of Korea. Each year since its inception, indie developers submit their game to the Gyeonggi Game Audition and the top 10 are selected out of the first round to have a separate booth at PlayX4 to see who are the standouts of this year. The top 10 then give a presentation and are judged by a panel of some of the biggest names in the Korean game industry, including PlayStation Korea, Neowiz, and more.

Presentation in front of some of the elite in the Korean Gaming Industry

Having been selected as a top 10 participant this year, we felt a sense of accomplishment having reached another milestone for Newcore Games. We wanted to have a great showing to earn our spot as a standout indie game company in Korea.

After a presentation to the judges and sit-downs with each of them, we are extremely proud to announce that The Devil Within: Satgat took home 1st place! This is a huge honor granted to us and we are extremely grateful for having been selected by the judges to take home the awards. Game development is an arduous process and Newcore Games has gotten this far with the collective efforts of all of the staff at Newcore Games and all of the players who eagerly await the launch of the game.

So from us at Newcore Games, thank you for you continued interest in The Devil Within: Satgat and we hope to keep showing you what Newcore Games is capable of accomplishing! And if you haven't already, wishlist the game on Steam now and follow us on our social media channels!



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