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Newcore Games is an indie game development studio established in May 2020 by gathering of veterans from Korean game industry. NewCore Games has philosophy which focus on making games to give people fun and joy for their life.

  • In November 2020, we released 'I am Zombie', a mobile action Rogue-like game, through Google play store.

  • We are currently developing a new Metroidvania action game 'Project SG' playable on PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch.


Our Projects

I am Zombie


Project SG


Coming in 2022

Project SG is an action oriented metroidvania game. The game will be available on PC and Console platforms coming in 2022.

Please stay tuned!

Official Website

November 20, 2020

[I AM ZOMBIE] is a Rogue-like Action game that contains the story of an unusual zombie in Apocalyptic world.

This unique zombie is the key to solving the zombie virus in the end, and it provides an exciting story.

[I AM ZOMBIE] satisfies the stimulating fun of the game in that it allows a variety of action plays with simple controls. With a structure that gradually grows with goods and items acquired during play, we are making long-run play as our goal by providing continuous motivation.



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